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Our Services

We offer:

1. Job Coaching Services for Communities - in collaboration with community-based resources, develop and execute personal development plans with individual job seekers. Our job coaches prepare job seekers for employment, and increase the effectiveness of training - the right skills at the right time - to secure and sustain jobs.

  • FireSpirit Job Coaches assist individuals in career planning, goal setting and professional development.
  • The use of FireSpirit System allows for system-wide view of skills inventory and training needs.
  • Deliver FireSpirit job coach training program to community-based resources, including use of Employment Readiness and Essential Skills profiling tools
  • Assist existing programs to satisfy your tracking and reporting needs
  • Job Referral Services: finding on-job-training and employment opportunities

2. Employer Services - comprehensive recruiting services assist employers in hiring Aboriginal employees and executing their Aboriginal workforce strategy.

  • Provide single point of communication with Aboriginal communities and their job seekers
  • Developing job postings and advertising on the FireSpirit website and in communities. Searching, screening, referring, and matching job seekers to job opportunities
  • Forecasting opportunities and skills needed; developing pools of skills / areas of core competencies where and when needed
  • Providing access to the FireSpirit system and database (when ready)
  • FireSpirit staff also work with employers human resources teams to assist in the development of their Aboriginal workforce strategy

3. Job Referral Services - provide current and accurate profiles of upcoming job opportunities and available job seekers.

  • Employers can post vacancies in the FireSpirit System, identify candidates suitable for existing employment opportunities, and forecast short and long-term labour requirements.
  • Job seekers can research available positions, and required skills and qualifications.
  • FireSpirit staff contact both parties about their job needs, identify suitable matches, and connect job seekers and employers to begin the interview process.