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About Us

FireSpirit is an First Nation-owned company working to build human resources and provide employment services to Aboriginal and northern communities. FireSpirit will help fulfill Manitoba's mandates in human resources and economic development with an initial focus on delivering technology and services to support Manitoba Hydro and Floodway projects.


FireSpirit's values are the company's guiding principles. They provide direction for tactical and strategic decisions made by employees, and adherence to these values is critical to FireSpirit's success.


We strive to achieve excellence and continuous improvement in every aspect of our business through continuous improvement, client focus and the relentless pursuit of perfection.


We honour the needs of employers and job seekers, and respect the culture and environment that they operate and live in. Respect is shown in all of our actions and dealings with employees, clients and stakeholders.

Client Focus

Our clients' interests come first. Our customers, Aboriginal and northern communities, employers and the Manitoba Government, are the reason we are in business. We seek to understand our clients' needs and deliver real value to them.


We are committed to providing best value to each client. FireSpirit believes we must be the top value provider in order to retain existing clients and attract new ones. Offering superior value is the key to success and growth. Value creates loyalty. We operate according to Lean principles, in order to deliver value and remove waste from our processes.


We meet Customers' needs and provide quality, free from defects. Quality is paramount in everything we do, internally and externally.


We act with professionalism at all times, with honour and integrity. Integrity is paramount at FireSpirit and is demonstrated when discussing new work with clients; respecting confidentiality; reporting status; reporting time; billing; and developing services and programs. Our staff exhibit fairness, dependability, respect and dignity, and perform with maximum effort and commitment to professional development.


We provide innovation and creativity with rigorous attention to process. Innovation and creativity ensure that we bring new thinking to every problem we solve while process rigour ensures we capture and use the best practices.


We strive for client, organizational and team success, while recognizing individual contribution. Our success depends on effective teams who have a common sense of purpose, a clear understanding of the project's objectives, and agreed-upon expectations from all participants. FireSpirit recognizes that individuals contribute to the success of the entire team.


We believe in contributing to individual growth and accomplishments, and realize that helping fulfill personal aspirations and interests attract and retain talented employees. We strive to understand employees' expectations and provide opportunities for growth, learning, and achievement that align with our corporate strategy.


We believe that people can be successful if provided with opportunities, training and support.

We believe that we can only reach our vision and achieve our goals if we work collaboratively with all stakeholders, including government, employers, community-based organizations, training institutions and job seeker representatives.

We believe that employers and job seekers want people operating in their communities who truly understand their culture and their environment.